OS Explorer Map: 105
Start Ref: 799 444
End Ref: 799 444
Grading: Easy
Distance: 1.5 miles
Time: 1hr

Newbridge, is the tiny hamlet on the outskirts of Truro, although very nearly engulfed as Cornwall`s Capital continues its expansion. This walk, takes us on the fields and valley behind the OLD Richard Lander School, and down to the railway line that separates Newbridge and Penwethers.

I was shown (and treated to) this walk, by my sister, who managed to find a walk not far from my home, that I had not only not done, but never knew existed. The beauty of Cornwall is that it just keeps giving!

The trickiest part of this walk is the parking. I managed to find a spot on the way to the Truro Tennis Club (at Newbridge) but beware, much of the parking is with Residential Permits.

Walking back up the path from the Tennis Club, we walk to the end of Newbridge Lane and find a gate to Dudman Farm just opposite.

Through this gate and along the tree lined path until stepping off to our right through the first gap in the hedge, we find ourselves in open fields with far reaching valley views in which it is hard to imagine that Truro is so close.

An image of a grassy field

On our left we find Monkey Puzzle trees on the brow of the hill as we walk across (left) and slightly down across this field, following paths between gorse and brambles with small more native trees scattered around.

Through first one hedge and continuing down under the telephone cables and through a second hedge. Here we are presented with three paths and we are going to take the right hand one. Following the path down to a pretty little stream, we cross over and start to ascend (left) through the gorse. As we climb, taking a right hand path, we come back out into a field and find ourselves making our way towards a ruined solitary brick building. As we pass the building on our left, we take a sharp left and down to the bridge that crosses over the train line (Dunstans Farm Road Overbridge) and follow on down as we enter another field.

A picture of an old stone ruin

This field we are going to circumnavigate until we come back to this bridge. My sister suggested that we walk down and away from the railway so that we can then walk back towards the viaduct section and have this as a view. As sisters often are, she was right with this choice of direction and I hope that you will agree with her.

Once around the field and back across the bridge, we again turn left as we follow the field we are now in, around as it brings us level with the viaduct from the other side, where we then start to head off to our right, climbing slightly and find a section of newly planted ash trees. Through the fence we find ourselves back on the path by the Tennis Club, and our walk is complete.

A picture of a hedge covered in ferns

I hope that you are as pleasantly surprised and enjoy this walk as much as I have.