OS Explorer Map: 105
Start Ref: 813 392
End Ref: 813 392
Grading: Easy
Distance: 1.5 miles
Time: 1hr (slow walk)

This is a delightful, short walk for those with not a lot of time but in need of a scenic walk. It has streams, a footbridge to play Pooh Sticks over, a woodland and an estuary view, with the added bonus of a quay to sit on with a picnic if you don`t mind a very short addition to our walk.

We leave our car in a small layby just outside of the little hamlet of Penpol (just by the bridge and on the road to Penelewey). With our backs to the water, we are going to head left along the road for approximately 300 meters until the road takes a sharp turn to the right and uphill. At this point, there is a track directly in front of us which we are going to take. If we followed this path to its very end we would emerge at the thatched Friends Meeting House at Come-to-Good, but we are instead (for today) going to take the first footpath that presents itself to us on our left. This footpath will lead down to the footbridge and across the stream (which is visible from the track we are turning off).

A small wooden footbrigdge over a stream

Once we have played Pooh Sticks, we continue on the path as it slowly leads us up with a trickling stream on our right hand side and a field on our left. At the end of the field, we start to enter Tregye Wood and we get occasional glimpses of an ornamental garden and pond on our right hand side. The path now steepens slightly and takes a few little turns, with small views out over the valley towards Goonpiper.

Suddenly we find that we emerge out by the farm house at Lower Tresithick, and here we follow the path to our left (beautifully signposted as a scallop shell with a yellow arrow painted on it), and now we start to descend, under a hanging tree and following the embanked footpath as we head towards Tresithick Wood.

A scallop sign on a vine covered tree branch

As we come out from the wood we find that we now have fields around us and a view of Penpol Creek to guide us home. This path leads down to Penpol Farm, going through their gate, we walk through their well maintained yard with a circular walled garden and follow the path to the road, where we turn left and find ourselves at the bridge that leads into Penpol (if we go right) or back to our car (if we turn left).

If you have time, can I suggest that you walk to the right along the creek front (keeping the creek on your left) and into Point and its beautiful quay. This is a beautiful spot in which to just sit and waste time (if waste is the right word for just enjoying the world). I always stop here sometimes just watching the bird life, other times listening to the local youngsters enjoying jumping off the quay and other times watching the kayakers and paddleboarders making the most of this wonderful stretch of water.

I hope that you will try this short walk, and that you will enjoy it as much as I do.