OS Explorer Map: 107
Start Ref: 127 523
End Ref: 127 523
Grading: Medium
Distance: 3.5 miles
Time: 2hrs

The Hall Walk, is a well known walk, which I am ashamed to say that until recently I had never done – even though I am in Fowey most weeks of the year. This I have now rectified, and what a superb walk it is, offering stunning and lofty views down over Fowey and Polruan. It takes us over two ferries, through woods and along the edges of the estuary.

We start our walk at Caffa Mill in Fowey, which is where the Bodinnick Car Ferry crosses the River Fowey and takes us over to the hamlet of Bodinnick. Once across the river we have to now head up quite a steep hill. In fact, so steep is the hill that we would be forgiven to stopping the walk and just calling in on the pub (The Old Ferry Inn). Steep as it is though, it is also quite short and we soon find ourselves turning off the road to our right and following the public footpath between some houses and with a high fence on our right. Through a kissing gate and up to the War Memorial, on which the plaque tells us of the provenance of this historic walk.

At this point, we are presented with a choice. Our first is to turn left and walk over the brow of the hill and through fields towards Pont (approx. 1 mile) or – as I suggest, and as this walk is written up – continue straight on and through the trees following the river to Pont (approx 1 ½ miles).

Taking this route we find a gentle incline which takes us about 45 meters above the river and with which we glimpse tantalizing views of Fowey through the trees. As a nice addition to this walk, we find that at many of the best vantage points there are well placed benches!

A small wooden bridge over the river with a boat in the background

We continue on until we come to a covered bench, which tells us of the locations association with King Charles I, during the civil war and then also to the Memorial Stone to Cornwall`s own `Q` (Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch). After again admiring the views, take the time to follow the path down to Penleath Point and the water’s edge, before returning back to this memorial and continuing on our path.

From here the path swings east and becomes rather undulating, but thankfully under the shade of trees if you do this walk on a hot day. On any of our many breather stops on this section of the walk, we find ourselves now looking down across Pont Pill, and gaining the occasional glimpses of a church tower. Through a kissing gate, we find ourselves for a very short while following the edge of a field, until taking the first gate on our right back into the trees. From here, we are downhill until we reach the quaint waterside houses and footbridge of Pont.

Wooden signpost on a footpath

Once rested and watered, we now start the final section of our walk, which is actually a ferry ride. Leaving from the quay side, the Polruan Foot Ferry runs regular crossings over to Fowey (and visa versa), and it is this which we are going to take. Depending on the state of the tide, this ferry will either drop us off at Whitehouse Quay or at Town Quay, at either, we need to turn right and follow the narrow street back towards Caffa Mill and the finishing point of our walk (assuming we parked at Caffa Mill).

However, Fowey, like Polruan, has plenty to offer and it is worth spending some time to look around rather than walking straight through. There is St. Catherine`s Castle, Readymoney Cove, Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Toilets (which unlike Polruan you have to pay to use!), and shops a plenty.

I hope that you enjoy this walk.